Support Packages

At Beaumont Healthcare we recognise that when you have a care need, it can feel like you have lost control of your own life. We wish to give you that control back.

Our support packages are built for you, by you. They are designed to meet your needs.

The care you need can be delivered at your home, place of work, education or wherever you need it to be. We can engage at any stage of your journey from the point of discharge home onwards.

We can provide:

  • 1:1 or 2:1, Domiciliary care, 24-hour complex care or nurse led support
  • Hourly care and support
  • Educational or work support
  • Waking night support

We will support you in coming to terms with your diagnosis or injury as much as we can, this support can be in the form of physical, psychological or social support.

We welcome any enquiries and will be honest in what we can deliver and what we cannot. From the very initial assessment, always carried out by a qualified, experienced nurse, we will start to design the package of support, care with you. Considering all aspects of daily living, likes, dislikes, wishes and aspirations. Open and honest communication is key to a successful relationship.

Once the team of support is in place, fully checked with DBS and CQC requirements, we will provide ongoing training for team members and family if required. Training will be office or home based to ensure it is personalised to your needs. Continuous monitoring of the care delivered will be paramount in order to ensure we are on hand when needed.


Choice is about us enabling you to make informed decisions about aspects of your health care, to best meet your needs and preferences, whilst maintaining quality and safety.

Beaumont Healthcare fully support your wellbeing, designing care packages around you and your needs, wishes. By involving you, we are not just supporting and providing care, but embracing and respecting your autonomy. We want to explore your ideas, hopes, fears in order to consider your aspirations, your understanding of your condition and how we can work with this.

Having people in your home can be intrusive so personality matching is fundamental to a long sustainable package of support. There are various aspects of choice that will affect your decisions, some of which are very personal. By working in collaboration with you, understanding that your choices are meaningful we aim to deliver positive outcomes and the quality of service you receive.

The best possible patient centred care is what we strive for, to continuously strive for the highest patient experience – giving control and choice back to you.

We offer you both the voice and the choice from the onset.


Beaumont Complex Care services are embracing technology for transparent and real time communication. The PASS system is the market leading care planning and monitoring solution.

It provides a single view of care records from enquiry, assessment, medication and care changes and reviews. The unique, patent pending application provides inclusive access to all real time care plans and records.

Users will be able to follow, and view care plans, care notes and any resolution notes. Users will also be able to contact the care provider through the open PASS.